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The driving force behind the success of Claris Otsuka is its team of like-minded, young, and experienced professionals, bound together by a culture of excellence and the desire to be among the world’s most admirable organisations.

Career at Claris Otsuka is driven by professional approach; offering each individual a challenging career rather than a job. We ensure development of our members through training & exposure, engagement & involvement, instilling our value system in them and fostering the culture of accountability, quality, and winning.
Career Progression
At Claris Otsuka, we have well-defined organisational bands and hierarchical organisational structure which an individual can ascend through his/her own hard work, dedication, and skills. The ‘Star Performers’ are identified and encouraged to take up various assignments through job enlargement, job rotation, and job enrichment. Career progression at Claris is quite flexible to help an individual fulfill his aspirations, interests, and capabilities.

For personal development & career advancements to all, Claris Otsuka's HR team has designed well-structured capability enhancement programs to strengthen behavioural, managerial, and leadership skills of members.  
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